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Speak Through Me

The Love of God

Control My Life


“Praise Machine” originally hails from Mendez St Catherine, Jamaica. He is a dynamic and vibrant gospel minister who uses his music to transform the lives of many. Praise Machine states he is an Ambassador for the Kingdom of God and is zealous for the Lord.

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This versatile minister of the Gospel fulfills his call not only in England but his home country Jamaica, where in 2006 Praise Party was birthed, where minister of the Gospel ministered through songs, dance and the Word of God. He has also had the opportunity to bring hope to lost and distressed youths in Gambia Africa. Praise Machine's aim and desire is to serve the Lord wholeheartedly; to serve people and see them reach their full potential in the Lord Jesus Chris


Speak Through me


Daddy Mi love youh


The love of God


Control my Life

Praise Machine “Howard Harvey” was raised in the ghettos of Jamaica, and was raised with very little to share between him and his family. He was 1 of 9 children. Times were hard, and Praise Machine often remembers his mother selling at the market to provide. Often he would have to go without but was never short of love from his mother and his step-father. He believes these early life experiences have humbled him to be the man he is today, as these experiences taught him to be content and grateful no matter what life brings his way.

While growing up, Praise Machine always recognised the presence of God, but was not raised in a ‘church environment’. However, in 2004 this all changed when he had a true and real encounter with the Lord which changed his life and he would never be the same again. Praise Machine received water baptism in 2005.

Praise Machine has been married to his Wife Antonette for almost 20 years and they are blessed to have a beautiful teenage daughter, Elisha.

Praise Machine is a well known man of the community and is a dedicated DJ presenter on a local Radio Station GFM (Gloucester FM 96.6). He hosts the show titled ‘Morning Praise’ which to has been on air for more than a decade. This opportunity really enables him to fulfil his passion for music. He also serves his church, New Testament Church of God Praise Engine, Swindon.

Praise Machine has a heart for people and loves to see lives changed and transformed through the power of God.

The music of Praise Machine tells his story. He knows the language of the streets and uses his lyrics to speak to the people as he possesses a real understanding of their struggles.

His hit song, “The Love of God”, and “Control my Life Lord” are testimonies of God’s love and saving grace, which transformed Howard Harvey’s mess into Praise Machine – citizen and ambassador for Christ’s message. One of Bro H Harvey’s favourite scripture is Galatians 2:20 …..’It is no longer I who lives, but Christ lives within me’.

His trials are now a triumph, not only for him, but also for those who have been impacted by his ministry.

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